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Those alchemists, he resumed, Avicenna, Bacon, Lully, Paracelsus, were the real and only savants of their time. They made discoveries at which we are astonished. Has not this Saknussemm concealed under his cryptogram some surprising invention?

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It is so; it must be so! No doubt, I ventured to reply; but what interest would he have in thus hiding so marvellous a discovery? How can I tell? Did not Galileo do the same by Saturn? We shall see.

James Collins: What Matters to Me and Why, Part I

I will get at the secret of this document, and I will neither sleep nor eat until I have found it out. In this document there are a hundred and thirty-two letters, viz.

Michael Collins: a genius student but a classic outsider

This is the proportion found in southern languages, whilst northern tongues are much richer in consonants; therefore this is in a southern language. This Saknussemm, he went on, "was a very well-informed man; now since he was not writing in his own mother tongue, he would naturally select that which was currently adopted by the choice spirits of the sixteenth century; I mean Latin.

But the savants of the sixteenth century generally wrote in Latin.

It is Latin. I jumped up in my chair. My Latin memories rose in revolt against the notion that these barbarous words could belong to the sweet language of Virgil. Very well, thought I, if you can bring order out of that confusion, my dear uncle, you are a clever man. Let us examine carefully, said he again, taking up the leaf upon which I had written. There are words consisting of consonants only, as nrrlls ; others, on the other hand, in which vowels predominate, as for instance the fifth, uneeief , or the last but one, oscibo.

Now this arrangement has evidently not been premeditated; it has arisen mathematically in obedience to the unknown law which has ruled in the succession of these letters. It appears to me a certainty that the original sentence was written in a proper manner, and afterwards distorted by a law which we have yet to discover. Whoever possesses the key of this cipher will read it with fluency.

What is that key? Axel, have you got it? I answered not a word, and for a very good reason. We had become engaged unknown to my uncle, who was too much taken up with geology to be able to enter into such feelings as ours.

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As for me, I adored her, if there is such a word in the German language. Thus it happened that the picture of my pretty Virlandaise threw me in a moment out of the world of realities into that of memory and fancy. There looked down upon me the faithful companion of my labours and my recreations. She was fond of investigating abstruse scientific questions. What pleasant hours we have spent in study; and how often I envied the very stones which she handled with her charming fingers.

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Then, when our leisure hours came, we used to go out together, and turn into the shady avenues by the Alster, and went happily side by side up to the old windmill, which forms such an improvement to the landscape at the head of the lake. On the road we chatted hand in hand; I told her amusing tales at which she laughed heartily. Then we reached the banks of the Elbe, and after having bid good-bye to the swans, sailing gracefully amidst the white water lilies, we returned to the quay by the steamer. That is just where I was in my dream, when my uncle with a vehement thump on the table dragged me back to the realities of life.

Now we must see what would be the effect of that, Axel; put down upon this paper any sentence you like; only instead of arranging the letters in the usual way, one after the other, place them in succession in vertical columns, so as to group them together in five or six vertical lines. Good, said the professor, without reading them, now set down those words in a horizontal line. Now, said my uncle, looking straight at me, to read the sentence which you have just written, and with which I am wholly unacquainted, I shall only have to take the first letter of each word, then the second, the third, and so forth.

Yes, indeed, without knowing what I was about, like an awkward and unlucky lover, I had compromised myself by writing this unfortunate sentence.

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Well, let us apply the process I have suggested to the document in question. My uncle, falling back into his absorbing contemplations, had already forgotten my imprudent words. I merely say imprudent, for the great mind of so learned a man of course had no place for love affairs, and happily the. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Here he is, Monsieur Axel; I will run and hide myself while you argue with him. And Martha retreated in safety into her own dominions. But on his rapid way he had found time to fling his hazel stick into a corner, his rough broadbrim upon the table, and these few emphatic words at his nephew: Axel, follow me! I had scarcely had time to move when the Professor was again shouting after me: What! Germany has not a few professors of this sort. What a wonderful book!

I replied, with a good imitation of enthusiasm. But for all that there was no lull yet in the admiring exclamations of the Professor. Indeed; I cried, keeping up wonderfully, of course it is a German translation? Like German, I happily ventured.

Do you want me to explain what that is? The Professor mused a few moments over this series of characters; then raising his spectacles he pronounced: These are Runic letters; they are exactly like those of the manuscript of Snorre Turlleson. It is certainly old Icelandic, he muttered between his teeth. At that moment our good housekeeper Martha opened the study door, saying: Dinner is ready! I have never known such a thing, said Martha.

Liedenbrock is not at table! Who could have believed it? I said, with my mouth full. Something serious is going to happen, said the old servant, shaking her head. A violent gesture finished the sentence. Sit there, he added, holding out his fist towards the table. Sit there, and write. I was seated in a trice. Michael, if you should dare to deceive me— The dictation commenced.