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After charting the remarkable growth in expectations of planning, they show how attempts to interpret sustainability must lead to fundamental moral and political choices.

Planning at the Landscape Scale

Owens and Cowell have an eye for drama and a mind for politics and philosophy both. They know that local conflicts can provide microcosms of national, even international tensions, and a wonderful contribution of this book is its attention to scale. We see local conflicts becoming political theatre not for the news media but for the rethinking and re-articulation of national policy.

So we see advocates invoking it as a credo to protect the natural environment for future generations while developers invoke its public popularity to green-wash project proposals.

An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. As well as being spatial, planning is necessarily also about the future — and yet time has been relatively neglected in the academic, practice and policy literature on planning. Time, in particular the need for longer-term thinking, is critical to responding effectively to a range of pressing…. By Willem Salet.

Yet, the deliberation of the underlying public norms seems to escape the attention of the public. Institutions enable people to have…. For many young planners, the noble intentions with going to planning school seem starkly out of place in the neoliberal worlds they have come to inhabit. For some, the huge gap between the power they thought they would have and what they actually do is not only worrying, but also deeply….

Planning in settler-colonial countries is always taking place on the lands of Indigenous peoples.

By Laura Johnson , Robert Johnson. Regent Park Redux evaluates one of the biggest experiments in public housing redevelopment from the tenant perspective. Instead of simply tearing down old buildings and scattering inhabitants, the…. By Neil Powe , Trevor Hart. Change is inevitable in all communities: they both grow and decline. Planning is a means by which we have sought to manage this change. It has not always succeeded in providing the types of settlements and environments which many residents and others want, either because it is operating with…. Over the past six or more decades, John Friedmann has been an insurgent force in the field of urban and regional planning, transforming it from its traditional state-centered concern for establishing social and spatial order into a radical domain of collaborative action between state and civil….

Edited by Arnold van der Valk , Terry van Dijk. Reviewing the limitations of various planning options, this book addresses the debate on how to preserve open space in the context of a growing metropolis. With case studies on internalization and valuation…. Edited by William J. Neill , Hans Schlappa.

Urban shrinkage is rising to the top of the political agenda in Europe as more cities are shrinking in the prolonged economic downturn we encounter. By Petter Naess. In a comprehensive case study of the Copenhagen metropolitan area,…. Edited by Rebecca Leshinsky , Crystal Legacy. Because each instrument is unique and may be tailored to its own….

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By David Laws , John Forester. By Jeff Bishop. Unlike books that focus solely on methods, The Craft of Collaborative Planning provides a detailed guide to designing and managing all aspects of the collaborative process, advocating for making collaborative work the norm. Beginning with a discussion of the political and legal context of…. Edited by Enrico Gualini. Planning and Conflict discusses the reasons for conflicts around urban developments and analyzes their shape in contemporary cities. It offers an interdisciplinary framework for scholars to engage with the issue of planning conflicts, focusing on both empirical and theoretical inquiry.

By Fulong Wu. Edited by Simin Davoudi , Ali Madanipour. But "local" is a moving category, with contradictory, nuanced dimensions. Reconsidering Localism brings together new scholarship from…. Discussing some of the most vexing criticism of communicative planning theory CPT , this book goes on to suggest how theorists and planners can respond to it. Looking at issues of power, politics and ethics in relation to planning, this book is for both critics and advocates of CPT, with lessons….

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English Regional Planning chronicles a vital feature of recent UK planning activity, during the period of the Blair and Brown Labour governments up to It deals particularly with the regional scale of planning during these years, whereby large steps forward were made, but where…. By Nicholas A. By John Friedmann. For nearly fifty years John Friedmann's writings have not just led the academic study of the discipline, but have given shape and direction to the planning profession itself. Covering transactive planning, radical planning, the concept of the Good City, civil society, rethinking poverty and the….

By Caroline L. By Susan Owens , Richard Cowell. In the decade since the book was first conceived,…. It takes the position that planning is not well equipped to take on its current challenges if it is considered as only a regulatory and…. By Andreas Faludi. Since its foundation the European Union has gradually developed policies that are aimed at achieving increased economic and social cohesion. This book examines the most recent of these, the concept of territorial cohesion.

Territorial cohesion is the pursuit of balanced development, competitiveness…. By Angela Hull.

RTPI Library Series

Addressing the principles of sustainability, spatial planning, integration, governance and accessibility of transport, this book focuses on the problem of providing efficient and low energy transport systems which serve the needs of everybody. It explores many of the new arguments, ideas and…. Some thirty years ago the small Metropolitan County of Grotton found itself bathed in the bright glare of publicity as The Grotton Papers lifted the lid on the inner workings of the six planning departments of this hitherto little remarked corner of England. The intervening years have seen….

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By Janice Morphet. After years of being regarded as a regulatory tool, spatial planning is now a key agent in delivering better places for the future. Edited by Patsy Healey , Robert Upton. The complex diffusion processes affecting the flow of planning ideas and practices across the globe are illustrated in this book. Edited by Simin Davoudi , Ian Strange. Bringing together authors from academia and practice, this book examines spatial planning at different places throughout the British Isles.

Six illustrative case studies of practice examine which conceptions of space and place have been articulated, presented and visualized through the production…. Planning and Transformation provides a comprehensive view of planning under political transition in South Africa, offering an accessible resource for both students and researchers in an international and a local audience.