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The team with the most correct guesses wins. Articulate is a staple Christmas board game in the Warre household. Use the same papers with collocations on them as in the game before, but this time students must describe the action without using the word.

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Tell students that you are going to read them a story; while they are listening, they must write down the most important words. You could instruct them to focus on the collocations in the story, or any other language point you may be focusing on. After listening twice, students must reconstruct the story in pairs. Then give students the original story with part of the collocation missing. Below is an example:. I met my ex-husband in ; we fell in love at first sight. We had a fantastic relationship for three happy years.

Everything Must Go - Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Then, on our third anniversary, he proposed and we got married six months later. At first, everything was perfect; we both did the housework together; I did the washing-up and made the beds and he did the cooking and the shopping. He started working later and paying less attention to me. He stopped doing the housework, so I had to do everything. He made a lot of promises but then he would break them.

He was very stressed and he started to go bald, he got very depressed about this and started getting drunk after work. I was getting very worried about him. He would always come home drunk and make a mess. Then, one day, while I was cleaning his clothes, something caught my attention. It was a lipstick stain on his shirt. I got very angry; he was keeping a secret from me! That night when he came home, I confronted him and he broke the news to me: he had been having an affair. It broke my heart.

I kicked him out of the house and we got divorced two weeks later. Videos are a fantastic way of teaching and revising verb-noun collocations as they contain natural everyday actions. Watch one of the videos before class and jot down any specific language to teach before watching. Put students in pairs facing each other with one facing the screen and the other with their back to the screen.

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Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton videos can be great for this type of activity, but be aware that their actions come thick and fast, so either pause frequently or only use them for higher levels. Everybody loves him and YouTube is full of short excerpts that can easily be related to units from a course book. Shopping Restaurant Travelling Christmas. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content.

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Fun ways to teach English collocations. By Tim Robbio Warre 22 December - Online flashcard sets I am an unashamed Quizlet fan boy. Collocation Casino Another great way to introduce specific collocations or go over use of English exercises is betting games. Post-it Warmers These are great, active warmers that require minimal preparation and get students talking, focused and on their feet. Post-it partners Use this game to revise any type of collocations; I used it most recently for adjective-noun collocations for CAE Cambridge English: Advanced , e.

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  • Collocation Pictionary Put students into teams of three or four, write a load of collocations on scraps of paper, and give them 90 seconds to draw as many as they can for their team to guess. Collocation Articulate Articulate is a staple Christmas board game in the Warre household. Dictogloss Tell students that you are going to read them a story; while they are listening, they must write down the most important words.

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    Below is an example: I met my ex-husband in ; we fell in love at first sight. The students produced twice as many grammatical chunks in the second time they were tested on the two tasks. The range of the chunks also improved. Taguchi also indicated that type of speaking task had a significant impact on L2 production, that is, the frequency and range of the chunks in the narrative task were about half of those recorded in the conversation task. In another study, Taguchi examined the development of speaking for complexity and fluency of speech.

    Results indicated that learners improved on the frequency and range of the chunks they produced, and chunks served as database for more complex utterances. However, their processing speed, as was shown in the two oral fluency features, did not show any improvement. The focus of their study was on the number and range of formulaic sequences the participants used while performing an oral narrative.

    Lexis Lessons (Book Two) (Letting Go Series 2)

    Their results showed a slight advantage for the learners in the intensive program. The result of their study revealed that FS contributions can be significant for filling the gap in communicative competence of young Iranian EFL students. Despite the recent attention devoted to exploring the efficacy of lexis- based instruction in enhancing the oral proficiency of L2 learners, surprisingly, the applicability and usefulness of different types of lexis- based instructions have not received adequate attention.

    Likewise, the effects of different speaking tasks monologic vs. Therefore, the current study sought to address the following research questions. Is there any significant difference between the L2 speaking performance of IELTS candidates who receive intensive lexis-based L2 instruction and the speaking performance of those who receive extensive lexis-based L2 instruction? Does the type of speaking task i.

    All the participants had Persian as their L1, and none of them had lived in an English speaking country. There were 11 IELTS candidates in the extensive group, 14 in the intensive group, and 15 candidates in the control group. The test consisted of an interview lasted between 11 and 14 minutes in three separate parts. In the first part, the participant and the researcher introduced themselves.

    The participants then answered general questions on familiar topics e. In the second part, the participants were given a task card with prompts and were asked to talk on a particular topic e. The participants had one minute to prepare and they could make notes if they wished, before speaking for between one and two minutes. This part lasted between three and four minutes.

    Finally, in the third part, the assessor and the participants became engaged in a discussion of more abstract issues e. The discussion lasted between four and five minutes. The first two parts were considered as monologues, and the third part was treated as a dialogic task.

    In order to eliminate the practice effect of utilizing the same version as the pretest and posttest, two different but equivalent speaking tests were adopted from Cullen, French, and Jakeman and used as the pretests and posttests. Expert judgements were obtained from two experienced IELTS instructors and two university professors to ensure about the suitability of the tasks for the intended purposes. Further, two standardization meetings were held between the assessor and one university professor, and two trial sessions were initially carried out to ensure that the tasks were consistently conducted by the assessor.

    IELTS speaking band descriptors.

    Revising lexis: quality or quantity?

    According to this manual, each band score corresponded to some descriptive statements which gave a summary of the English language ability of the participant classified at that level. An average score of the four criteria mentioned above was computed as the total IELTS speaking test score for each individual. Appendix A presents an example of FS use exercises extracted from the book. Procedure Owing to the practical constraints, the students were not randomly selected and assigned to the groups.

    This limitation led to employing intact classes as the experimental and control groups and, as a result, a quasi- experimental method was adopted for this inquiry. Therefore, three intact classes in an IELTS institute in Tehran were randomly assigned to two experimental groups and one control. Two intact classes, containing 11 and 14 IELTS candidates, constituted the extensive and intensive experimental groups, respectively, and a third class, consisting of 15 IELTS candidates, formed the control group.

    Firstly, the IELTS speaking pretest was administered to all the participants in order to assess their initial proficiency in speaking as the pretest scores. The participants were interviewed individually in a quiet room, and the interviews were recorded on tape.

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    Then, the recordings were analyzed and marks scores were given using the IELTS speaking band descriptors. Accordingly, the average of these four sub-scores was considered as the overall speaking score for each participant. In addition, the analysis of the pretest recordings provided the opportunity to count the frequency of FS used by each candidate in different parts of speaking pretest monologue and dialogue.

    Due to the probable rating inconsistencies involved in the assessment of speaking performance, another IELTS instructor an EFL teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching TOEFL and IELTS courses was invited to take part in the scoring procedure as well as in counting the frequency of FS used by the candidates during different speaking tasks of monologue and dialogue.

    After administering the pretest, all the participants were enrolled in a two-month English language course that met two times a week for one and a half hours each session.